Commercial Decorating

Keeping your business premises in good condition is vital, whether it’s to present an appealing image to potential customers, or provide a vibrant, productive environment for your employees to work in.

Give Your Business A Fresh Look

Having your business premises decorated in a way that reflects the ethos and goals of your company is absolutely essential.


We come with a “No hassle guarantee”. This means that while we’re breathing new life into your store we’ll also be taking every possible measure to be minimally intrusive, working out of hours where necessary, completing the job efficiently, on schedule and clearing up after ourselves so that you’re ready to open for business as soon as we’re out the door.

A makeover from Splash of colour will give your retail outlet a new lease of life, help it appeal to new customers and stand out from the competition, while only disrupting day-to-day business an absolutely minimal amount.


When it comes to painting your office, our decorators are experienced in creating a great working environment without disrupting the day-to-day running of your business in the process. We work closely with office managers to make sure that work can continue as smoothly as possible while we’re around, and can return to normal as soon as we’re out the door.

Our Process

Whatever the premises you need us to work on, the painting and decorating process will stay the same. We will work closely with you to establish what you need and what you can afford, and will provide a transparently, clearly laid out quote explaining exactly how much it will cost, and more importantly, where those costs come from. Everything will be agreed up front, and we will not deviate from that budget without consulting you and confirming it in writing first.

When it comes to doing the work it will be carried out as quickly, quietly and above all tidily as the size of the project allows, keep the work outside of office hours where necessary to allow business to continue as usual. We do all this while matching the exceedingly high standards that our company is known for.

Once the project is complete we won’t be happy until you’re completely satisfied, so our team will be available to complete any post-completion snags that come up as the paint dries and the woodwork settles. So it’s essential to us that our customers get the room that they want with a perfect finish.